Southmedic’s EcoZyme Ultra Passes at All Dilution Ratios and Temperatures for Manual Cleaning

29 Jun, 2023

Serim has the PINNACLE™ Monitor for Manual Enzymatic Cleaning Process (MEC), which determines the presence of active enzymes in manual bath solutions using enzymatic detergents. The PINNACLE MEC strip is the only test available to validate manual cleaning solutions ensuring they contain active enzymes and are properly mixed. This cleaning verification test may be used during a normal cleaning cycle and placed in the basket along with the surgical instruments. The test incorporates a dyed protein that is bound in the indicator pad. During the instrument wash cycle the color of the indicator pad will change in response to enzymatic detergent concentration and activity, contact time, wash cycle temperature, and mechanical action.

We are pleased to share that Southmedic’s EcoZyme Ultra PASSED at all dilution ratios and temperatures for manual cleaning, please read the enclosed report for further details.