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If you have an idea for a new product or enhancement to an existing product we sincerely appreciate your interest in sharing your idea with us.

Product Ideas Submission Information

Our commitment to research and development has resulted in a number of products that have changed the medical landscape; OxyMask™, an open oxygen delivery system has changed the way we deliver medical oxygen for better patient outcomes.

We work diligently to implement innovative cost effective ideas that will improve the quality of healthcare for patients and healthcare professionals alike. If you have an idea for a new product or enhancement to an existing product we sincerely appreciate your interest in sharing your idea with us.

Please read the important information below.
  1. Ideas may be considered intellectual property, and they may be valuable. To protect the submitter, as well as the company, from the potential for misunderstandings or disputes, it is important that you understand and agree to our submission guidelines before you submit your product idea. An idea for a new product or an improvement to an existing product may be considered intellectual property, and it may be valuable.
  2. Southmedic will only consider your idea on a non-confidential basis. You should only provide information that you are willing to allow Southmedic to use without any restriction, or expectation of compensation or confidentiality. By submitting your idea, you neither assume a confidential relationship with us or a guarantee of secrecy.
  3. If your idea is not patented or patent pending, you should consider protecting it before submitting it to us. Before disclosing your idea to anyone, we strongly encourage you to work with a professional to assess the patentability of your idea and apply for patent protection if your idea is patentable. For information on patents and patent searches please check with your local patent attorney’s office or you may also find some information on the world-wide web at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office or the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  4. If you disclose an inventive part of your idea to Southmedic before filing for a patent, you may lose certain rights. Protection of your idea is important because the disclosure of an inventive part of the idea without an obligation of confidentiality as is the case noted here before filing for a patent may result in the loss of certain rights. Due to the complex legal issues that can arise, we suggest that you consult with a patent attorney for professional advice.
  5. Ideas may only be submitted through our online Idea Submission Function. Due to the intellectual property issues that can arise when ideas are not submitted in a controlled manner, we only accept ideas through our online electronic Idea Submission Function. Ideas submitted by any other means will not be accepted.

Please review and carefully consider our idea submission guidelines before proceeding to Southmedic’s Idea Submission Portal.
  1. SOUTHMEDIC IS NOT OBLIGATED TO KEEP YOUR SUBMISSION CONFIDENTIAL. You understand and agree that Southmedic is not obligated to keep as confidential any information or ideas you submit. If the non-confidential disclosure of your submission could cause you any losses or subject you to any kind of damages, do not submit your information or idea to Southmedic.
  2. YOU WILL RECEIVE NO COMPENSATION. You understand and agree that no agreement for compensation is, or shall be implied by the submission, receipt, consideration, evaluation or use of your information or idea(s) unless expressly agreed to in a separate written agreement executed by an authorized representative of Southmedic.
  3. SOUTHMEDIC IS FREE TO USE YOUR SUBMISSION. You understand and agree that Southmedic assumes no obligation with respect to any submitted information or idea and shall be free to use, copy, modify, disclose and distribute any information or idea in your submission for any purpose without restriction. Further, Southmedic’s consideration of your submitted information or idea, or its subsequent entry into any discussions or negotiations with you, will not in any way impair Southmedic’s right to contest the validity or infringement of your rights or be deemed as an admission of novelty, priority or other rights.
  4. SOUTHMEDIC IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO REVIEW YOUR SUBMISSION. You understand and agree that Southmedic is under no obligation to review or develop your submitted information or idea.
  5. YOU MUST CERTIFY THAT YOU LEGALLY HAVE THE RIGHT TO DISCLOSE THE IDEA. You hereby certify that you legally have the right to disclose the idea, that you are not obligated by any other agreement to keep the idea confidential, and that you are at least 18 years old.
  6. NO RELATIONSHIP FORMED. You understand and agree that no confidential or consulting relationship exists or is established, expressed or implied, between you and Southmedic by submitting your idea.

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