Southmedic Capnoxygen®

The Capnoxygen® mask is an oxygen mask with breath to breath monitoring for non-intubated patients. It allows sampling of exhaled carbon dioxide from both the mouth and nose while at the same time administering oxygen. Not made with natural rubber latex, the mask is soft and allows form-fitting comfort for the face.  It is available in three sizes; standard adult, adult ophthalmic with a lower profile on the bridge of the nose, as well as a pediatric size.

Item Codes – Slim:

  • CO2-01-SLM, Adult Capnoxygen Mask with 7’oxygen tubing & 8’ sampling line, 25 box
  • CO2-03-SLM, Adult Ophthalmic capnoxygen mask with 7‘ oxygen tubing & 8’ sampling line, 25 box
  • CO2-04-SLM, Paediatric Capnoxygen Mask with 7’ oxygen tubing & 8’ sampling line, 25 box

Item Codes – Standard:

  • CO2-01, Capnoxygen Adult, 25 box
  • CO2-03, Capnoxygen Ophthalmic Adult, 25 box
  • CO2-04, Capnoxygen Paediatric, 25 box

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